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Старый 18.08.2009, 02:01   #1
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По умолчанию Таможенные документы

Какие документы понадобятся для прохождения тамож. границы? спасибо
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Старый 18.08.2009, 02:34   #2
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По умолчанию

Таможенные документы - документы, которые требуются для оформления перехода товаров через таможенную границу.
Таможенный документ - в РФ - документ, предусмотренный законодательством РФ, Таможенным Кодексом РФ, нормативными актами ГТК РФ в связи с:
- перемещением через таможенную границу РФ;
- применением какого-либо таможенного режима;
- производством таможенного контроля и таможенного оформления;
- нарушением таможенных правил;
- взиманием таможенных платежей;
- таможенными и статистическими целями;
+ другими вопросами таможенного дела.
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Старый 04.12.2009, 15:46   #3
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По умолчанию

Очень познавательно! Только вот какие именно документы нужны, я так здесь и не увидел. Но, в любом случае, буду знать, где посмотреть для чего они нужны.
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Старый 26.12.2009, 16:08   #4
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По умолчанию

Для прохождения таможенных процедур при экспорте и импорте российских товаров требуются следующие сертификаты:
Общие сертификаты
* Сертификат происхождения по форме СТ-1 — при экспорте/импорте товаров в страны СНГ;
* Сертификат происхождения по форме «А» — при экспорте и импорте товаров в страны ЕС;
* Сертификат происхождения общей формы — при экспорте и импорте в страны, в которых не требуются вышеуказанные сертификаты или сертификаты происхождения по группам товаров, а так же в том случае, если маркировка не позволяет установить страну происхождения.
Так же сертификаты происхождения подразделяются на сертификаты по группам товаров:
— Сертификаты происхождения текстильных товаров;
— Сертификаты происхождения изделий из стали;
— Сертификаты происхождения пушно-мехового сырья и изделий из меха.
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Старый 04.01.2010, 23:56   #5
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Нопод эту группу попадают не все товары.Как быть с остальными?
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Старый 05.01.2010, 17:02   #6
Регистрация: 05.01.2010
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По умолчанию

Столько документов, и вот возиться со всеми. Сделали бы что одно.
Рено вне форума  
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Старый 22.05.2012, 21:49   #7
Регистрация: 22.05.2012
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За консультацией рекомендую обратиться сюда: transpartner.ru
Сам у них всегда консультируюсь - для клиентов у них консультации бесплатны.
jilted13 вне форума  
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Старый 09.06.2012, 05:33   #8
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По умолчанию hemoroidy najlepsza maść

Choose a Own Traditional Jamaican Sweet Spud Pudding

Jamaicans like their puddings. Several Jamaican puddings like bread and rechausser pudding had been inspired with a colonial time past, while some had been the result of the availability involving components. Puddings in Discovery bay, jamaica are not the same because the gelatin-based puddings as eaten in other countries. Jamaican puddings are much heartier like a breads pudding regularity and also a device is best in cutting the particular pudding. Discovery bay, jamaica has various kinds of puddings and another of the most popular puddings in Jamaica is a nice spud pudding. Fairly sweet spud in Jamaica may be a various range compared to lovely potato (or yam) utilized in ALL OF US meals. Additionally , the term yam sometimes used to seek advice from lovely spud in america, is a starchy staple create within Discovery bay, jamaica and it is obtainable in various types for example yellow yam and also soft yam. In some Jamaican homes, at home cooks include grated yellowish yam towards the pudding mixture with regard to additional consistency as well as for the capturing real estate agent.

Typically, Jamaican home at home cooks grated sweet spud to create their puddings. In addition , coconut whole milk, which was a main component in the pudding, also supposed grating the particular dried coconut and also extracting the whole milk, through a number of including drinking water and also squeezing your resulting coconut dairy. Numerous Jamaicans keep in mind the particular mention of the sweet potato pudding because 'hell a top, terrible _http://www.hemoroidy.pl/ (hemoroidy) the bottom, hallelujah inna di center. ' By simply tradition, the pudding was baked over the fossil fuel stove by simply placing type of dutch oven (know since dutchie within Jamaica) using a ripped include over a barbeque grill for the fossil fuel filled stove. The top of the include from the nederlander container had been usually filled up with very hot coals, therefore the actual pudding cooked from equally top as well as bottom part concurrently. Still using the creation of ovens, food processors, food processors and also processed coconut whole milk, house at home cooks will have a much simpler work for making their puddings.

In Discovery bay, jamaica, fairly sweet potato pudding is actually upon many eating place sweet menus or is easily available at nearby bakeries in restaurants. Abroad, it might not be as easy to order slice associated with sweet spud pudding, however it is very simple yet comprehensive the formula and create a vintage Jamaican pudding. Numerous towns in america, UNITED KINGDOM and North america possess Jamaican or even West Indian supermarkets which stock the constituents required to create a conventional Jamaican pudding. So , if you think the actual hankering to obtain a taste connected with Jamaica, venture out, obtain the components, and begin baking.

Jamaican Fairly sweet Potato Pudding

1 0.5 lbs roughly grated sweet potato
lb grated yellow yam (omit sweet potato otherwise accessible and use lb much more fairly sweet potato)

one quarter glass brown-sugar (or use equivalent amount of Splenda/Stevia)

0.5 glass all objective flour

quarter cup cornmeal (you may leave out the cornmeal and add quarter cup a lot more flour)

four cups canned coconut whole milk (reconstitute coconut dairy natural powder in the event that needed)

2 mug pampre
two teaspoons roughly grated nutmeg

two teaspoon mixed liven
3 teaspoons vanilla

1 tsp sodium (adjust since needed)

1 tablespoon rechausser
2 tablespoon brandy or perhaps white-colored rum (optional)


Peel, clean and chop spud directly into little dй and taking advantage of blender, mix on "grate" choice until spud is nearly smooth. On the other hand, you are able to grate the actual potato To obtain the coconut milk, you can grate the actual coconut, add water, as well as press out your coconut milk that is created. Alternatively, you may use discontinued or reconstituted coconut dairy After that after the surface work is done, blend all the dried out ingredients, and after that include coconut dairy, vanilla, alcohol as well as grated potato and mix well Mix in pampre and fill directly into greased skillet and us dot together with bits of the particular butter Cook with 375 degrees F for around an hour till arranged as well as blend elevates starts to be able to shrink away from aspect of the pan.
Cut directly into slices and revel in
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